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Winter mountaineering at the Gran Sasso d'Italia

1/2/3 March 2024

he Gran Sasso is the highest and most imposing massif in the Apennines. It is not like the Alps, it is not like the Dolomites: it is the Gran Sasso; a mountain with its own distinct personality, with a serene and imperturbable dignity that fascinates...

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Ski touring in the Oberland

30 April-3 May

The Bernese Oberland, also known as the Jungfrau Region, is a vast area in the Swiss Alps, north of the Valais. Its enormous glaciers make it particularly attractive for ski mountaineering. No fewer than ten peaks in this group exceed 4000 metres. No alpine group has the isolation...

    Nepal: Trekking to Everest Base Camp


    The trek to Everest Base Camp, or Sagarmatha, 'mother goddess of the earth', often constitutes the dream par excellence of hikers: a great classic, moderately demanding in terms of physical effort and time required, but no less spectacular than the...

      Advanced Ski Touring Course

      3 and 10 March

      The course is dedicated to those who already practise ski mountaineering, have a good downhill technique and want to venture onto steeper and more challenging ski terrain in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines and the Apuan Alps Registration Registration will only be effective after payment of the...

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      Advanced winter mountaineering course

      25 February and 3 March

      The advanced winter mountaineering course is dedicated to those who already have some experience of progression with crampons and ice axes and who want to progress technically in ice and mixed climbing Enrolment Registration will only be effective after payment of the...

        Ski mountaineering on the Gran Sasso

        12 to 14 April 2024 Three days discovering the ski mountaineering routes around the Gran Sasso massif. Abruzzo offers spectacular territories, where space and wilderness are dominated by the rocky massif of the Gran Sasso, a...

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        Advanced stage: overhanging climbing

        20 April

        Have you been climbing at crags for a while now and want to improve your progression technique? Do you want to become stronger and more effective on overhanging walls? This is the Advanced Stage for you! Registration Deadline for...

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        Advanced stage: flying

        6 April

        Have you been climbing at crags for a while now but are you afraid to climb as a lead climber? Do falls and flying at crags frighten you and hinder your improvement? This is the Advanced Stage for you! Registration...

          Working at height: training and teaching

          all year round

          The experience of ProRock Mountain Guides in training and consultancy to ensure safety in the field of work at heights and in the mountain region. The activities of the ProRock Mountain Guides also extend to the world of work, both in the...

            Apuan rock climbing course

            19 and 26 May

            Two days of classic mountaineering in the heart of the Apuan Alps. Ascent of historical and traditional routes of Apuan summer mountaineering between climbing and extreme hiking. Enrolment The minimum number of participants for the start of the activity is 2 persons.

              Via ferrata progression course

              4 and 11 May

              A basic via ferrata progression course to teach participants to move independently and safely on this type of terrain! Registration Registration will only be effective after payment of a deposit of € 50.00. The closing date...

                Prorock Climbing Party

                25 April

                A day for climbing, partying and toasting all together to the coming summer at the Monsummano crag Registration The deadline for registration and payment of the deposit is 19/04/2024.

                  Introduction to long routes course

                  28 April and 5-12 May

                  Do you already have some sport climbing experience but wish to raise your technical level? Would you like to savour the excitement of doing long, multi-pitch routes in the Apuan Alps? This is the course for you Enrolment Enrolment will be effective...

                    Basic sport climbing course

                    17-24 March and 7-10-14 April

                    The perfect course for those who want to learn the basics of sport climbing, an activity that is much, much more than a sport. The right opportunity to learn the basic techniques of progression and belaying while climbing, to experience special emotions,...

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