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Canyoning - Rio Serra

6 July

The Rio Serra is a beautiful and easy torrent in Tuscany, suitable as a first canyoning experience. We will descend the torrent with the aid of ropes, wearing a wetsuit and harness.

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Sassolungo - normal route

13-14 July

The Normale al Sassolungo is also known as the 'Matterhorn of the Dolomites': it is a long ride to one of the most sought-after peaks in the Dolomites, including rock ridges, snowfields, easy climbing and abseiling

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    Mountaineering on Monte Rosa: Spaghetti Tour

    25-28 July

    Mount Rosa rises on the Swiss-Italian border and no less than 19 peaks soar over 4000 metres, making it the highest group in the Alps. Many believe that its name is due to the magical colour...

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      Contrarian-Cavalry Crossing

      27 July

      The magnificent concatenation of two of the most famous ridges in the Apuan Alps. Registration The participation fee is € 135.00. The minimum number of participants is 2 persons.

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        Dolo-mitiche - Multi-pitch climbing routes in the Dolomites

        3-4 August

        Two days of climbing on multipitch routes of easy and medium difficulty in the heart of the Dolomites Registration Registration will only take effect after payment of a deposit of € 50.00. The deadline for registration and payment of the deposit is...

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          Canyoning - Rio Selvano

          3 August

          The Rio Selvano is one of the most beautiful torrents in Tuscany: a complete course with numerous jumps and natural slides! Registration The minimum number of participants for the start of the activity is 4 people, registration by 25 July.

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          Via ferrata - Monte Forato

          15 August

          Monte Forato (1220 metres) represents the southern offshoot of the Panie group; it is most characteristic for the majestic natural stone arch that connects the north and south peaks, creating a spectacular 32-metre hole...

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