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1/3 March

Winter mountaineering on the Gran Sasso

The Gran Sasso is the highest and most imposing massif in the Apennines. It is not like the Alps, it is not like the Dolomites: it is the Gran Sasso; a mountain with its own...

21, 28 January and 4 February

Basic winter mountaineering course

The winter mountaineering course offers you the chance to experience the mountains at their most fascinating and challenging: isolation, silence, walls cloaked in snow and ice, sharp ridges...

6 January

First steps with ice axe and crampons

Would you like to take your first steps with ice axes and crampons and learn the basics of cramponage technique? This is the activity for you Registration The deadline for registration is...

all year round

Working at height: training and teaching

Prorock Mountain Guides' experience in training and consultancy to ensure safety in the field of work at height and in the mountainous region. The activities of the Prorock Mountain Guides...

3-10-17 February

Basic ski mountaineering course

If you like skiing, going to the mountains, experiencing nature to the full, staying away from crowded ski slopes and queues at the lifts, ski mountaineering is the activity for you! Registration...

10 December

Advanced stage: slab climbing and use of feet

Have you been climbing at crags for a while now and want to improve your progression technique? Do you want to become more precise and effective in using your feet on slabs? This is...


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