In the Apuan Alps and Apennines, the precipitation and temperature range favour special snow and ice conditions: the ideal environment for skiing on pristine slopes or climbing icy walls.
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Best Seasons:December to April
Calendar activities

    Ski mountaineering on the Gran Sasso

    12 to 14 April 2024 Three days discovering the ski mountaineering routes around the Gran Sasso massif. Abruzzo offers spectacular territories, where space and wilderness are dominated by the rocky massif of the Gran Sasso, a...

      Introduction to ski mountaineering: first steps with sealskins

      7 January

      Do you already know how to ski but would you like to experience the thrill of skiing in fresh snow away from the hustle and bustle, the ski lifts, the crowded slopes? Ski mountaineering allows you to stay off the beaten track, to climb snow-covered slopes with specific equipment (skis,...

        Ski mountaineering in the Aosta Valley

        9-10 December

        For those who want to get back on their skis and sealskins as soon as possible, two days in the Aosta Valley, with the aim of climbing - on skis - to the summit of the Breithorn (4165 metres) Registration Registration will only be effective...

          Basic ski mountaineering course

          3-10-17 February

          If you like skiing, going to the mountains, experiencing nature to the full, staying away from crowded ski slopes and queues at the lifts, ski mountaineering is the activity for you! Registration Registration will only be effective after payment of a deposit...

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