Cristiano Virgilio

Mountain Guide
National Mountain Guide Instructor

Member of the Trentino Prof. Register (enrolled no. 239)
Born in Florence in 1969
Date Alpine Guide licence obtained: 05/05/2006
Registration as an Alpine Guide: 05/2006
Liability policy number: CE6000448927


Secretariat Tel: +39 3349585828 \ Personal Tel: +39 347 2425732

Email: \

Cristiano started going into the mountains from the age of twelve and mountaineering immediately became such a part of his life that he decided to make it his profession.
After graduating in philosophy, he worked in various professions, from working as a publishing editor to teaching in high school. He passed the Trentino Guide Course selection and became an Aspirant Guide in 2000, later obtaining the Alpine Guide-Mountaineering Master's Certificate. In 2016, he became a National Guide Instructor.
In more than thirty-five years of climbing, he has tackled all terrains of mountaineering, with a predilection for rock and ice climbing, climbing numerous routes and walls, both classic and extreme, throughout the Alps.
In 2013, he was in Nepal for the first time, participating in an expedition to Manaslu, one of the 14 eight-thousanders on Earth.
During these years, he continued to assiduously frequent the Apuan Alps, in summer and winter, his home mountains, where he now carries out much of his activity.
His mountaineering, which has become a profession, has been enriched over the years by sharing his human and technical experience with his clients, considering the relationship with them the main element of his work today.
La Mountain Guide-Mountaineering Master  is part of the <b>U.I.A.G.M/IFMGA (International Union of Mountain Guide Associations).

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